February 5, 2014

ONE was created as my personal bike. I needed something I could ride on a long commute to work or a quick trip to the grocery store. I wanted the fast steering of a race bike but the ability to handle some serious potholes. I gave it a tight race-designed triangle, short wheelbase, a shallow raked fork, straight bars and balloon tires. The result is perfect for jumping off curbs and chasing the long hills.

Or so the saying goes. Steel is still, in my opinion, the smoothest ride you can get from a bike while retaining the feel of the road. Steel and lugs have been used in bicycle construction since the late 1900’s and continue to be the most popular choice for custom frames. The lugs on ONE have been hand filed/drilled for that extra touch that makes ONE one of a kind.

I love the look of a unique bike. ONE has been “gun blued” to give it a mottled blue-green hue. The leather grips are handmade and sewn and the bars are finished off with custom made wood end plugs.

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